Contract for the Supply, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of a Traffic Monitoring System


On this project, our parent company Roughan & O’ Donovan consulting engineers (ROD) has an ongoing commission with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) as the client's representative. The project involves the installation and maintenance of traffic counting and Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) systems on TII’s road network. Using our extensive WIM expertise, ROD-IS provides significant input on the WIM elements of this contract. Due to their location in the surface of the road, WIM sensors have durability issues and are prone to calibration drift. Consequently, working with TII, ROD-IS has developed quality control checks for these sensors to highlight any calibration issues. ROD-IS is also responsible for monitoring these metrics and providing ongoing advice on the quality of the data collected by the WIM systems.


We are also using our data analysis expertise to interrogate the large volumes of traffic count and WIM data collected. This analysis has included post processing of WIM data to remove calibration drift and obtain useful weight data as well as examining traffic count and WIM data to generate various traffic and weight statistics. Such analysis provides key information to TII which allows them to manage their road network in a more efficient manner.