Lorcan Connolly

Research Engineer

Lorcan is a graduate of the Structural Engineering with Architecture programme in University College Dublin, graduating with first class honours. Since joining ROD-is in 2013, Lorcan has worked for clients such as Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) where he has used Weigh-in-Motion data to assess the implications of vehicle weights in respect of bridge safety and pavement life and examine the impact of increasing allowable loads on vehicles with certain axle configurations. Lorcan also conducted a detailed assessment of Gross Vehicle Weights (GVWs), axle groups, individual axle loads and speeds of vehicles for The Dutch Ministry of Transport who were concerned by fatigue damage to orthotropic plate bridges resulting from the large percentages of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) travelling on their road infrastructure. Lorcan was the primary ROD-IS researcher in the recently completed EU funded SMARTRail project in which ROD-IS developed a probabilistic risk frameworks for whole life management of rail infrastructural elements/networks. This work is being further developed in the EU funded DESTination RAIL project, where Lorcan is incorporating monitoring data to perform a probabilistic assessment of a historic bridge structure with consideration of dynamics, fatigue and deterioration.