Network Safety Assessment


Adequate skid resistance of road surfacing plays an important role in ensuring the safety of road users. The skid resistance of a road surface may be adversely affected by a range of factors and, furthermore, the short-term measurement of skid resistance has been shown to be highly variable. Commissioned by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly the National Roads Authority) the goal of the project is to provide an improved management strategy for the Irish road network in terms of skid resistance. The project aims to allow the Irish asphalt industry to gain experience with new methods of skid resistance measurement, whilst developing an efficient network management framework that will consider these skid resistance measurements. ROD-IS, working alongside University College Dublin and the University of Ulster is currently developing a probabilistic methodology capable of utilising experimentally determined skid resistance data and statistically modelled road characteristic descriptors to quantify the risk associated with sections of the road network. The aim is to provide a rational framework for assessing the risk to the network and to provide improved roads management in terms of skid resistance by assisting network managers in making informed decisions with regard to road surfacing maintenance. The framework considers deterioration processes, variable environmental conditions and various road traffic scenarios to develop optimal lifecycle maintenance management strategies for the road network in terms of budget optimisation, optimal use of resources, performance maximisation and, ultimately, a reduction in the risk of crash occurrences for road users.