ROD-IS has enjoyed further success in the calls for the CEDR 2014 Research Programme with the PREMiUM project selected for funding.  The project commenced in October 2015 and is of two years duration. Funded under the Road Equipment Asset Management theme, PREMiUM aims to deliver improvements in the ability to manage road equipment. PREMiUM’s approach will be to draw on direct stakeholder consultation, current best practise, existing and emerging standards and guidance, and the extensive experience of the consortium in the development of asset management tools to determine the key aspects of condition that need to be understood for each of the equipment asset types (road markings, road signs, vehicle restraint systems and noise barriers). 


ROD-IS is developing an objective software tool to provide a network level indication of the performance of each of the assets. The output will be a set of performance indicators which will allow the condition of road equipment assets to be evaluated based on a simple dimensionless scale, and a global, or overall indicator of road equipment condition. A proof of concept test will be carried out on a “test network” consisting of a combination of locations/sites from the road network of the consortium partners.


Further information can be found at: premiumcedr.com