The Saferoad project, in which ROD-IS is a partner, is funded through the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2013 ‘’Roads and Wildlife’’. The project commenced in May 2014 and is due for completion in April 2016. The project is complementary to the HARMONY project and ROD-IS provide a valuable link between the two projects. The aims of SafeRoad are to improve our understanding of the functioning and effectiveness of different road mitigation strategies in order to find the most cost-efficient way to reduce the impact of roads on wildlife and simultaneously enhance traffic safety. The project is generating new scientific knowledge and insights on needed methods in order to; help prevent wildlife mortality due to animal-vehicle collisions; assure that the barrier effect of roads is reduced sufficiently to maintain viable wildlife populations, such as the construction of wildlife crossing structures. The project will transfer the knowledge into practical guidelines and tools, so it can be easily accessed and used by road agencies and other stakeholders.


Further information can be found at www.saferoad-cedr.org